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Superior Game Changing

The Game Changer Awards is a program that brings together students interested in STEM and innovation. Students work on projects throughout the year and are then able to present them to the Game Changer Awards judges at the all-day Award Expo. These ideas will be showcased to families, industries and government officers at the event so everyone can learn and play together.

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STEM is the Future

As we all know, change is constant and coupled with technology, the world around us is in a continuous state of flux. Digital technology has come a long way and is transforming the way we interact with business and the way we live.

Competitions always makes us strive to become better at everything we do. That is what drives us to be more creative, efficient and dependent. These are the values that we are wanting to instill in all students who participate in these Awards. However there is a unique element to this competition; students have to apply their STEM knowledge and understandings. Each year groups can choose their own categories to participate in.

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Your School Could Win

Our aim is to facilitate the Game Changers of tomorrow to embrace STEM as a problem solving tool and encourage them to further develop the skills used during the awards through STEM degrees and jobs in the future.

By participating, there will be multiple winning teams that can earn cash and non-cash prizes for their schools and their year groups. All you have to do is create a team, work and develop a project, sign up and join in for the day.

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