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Uncompromised Safety

CRIME STOPPERS WA is an independent not-for-profit organisation helping keep our communities and families safe. NinjaDojo Software is proud to contribute to the safety of our communities through IT support and expertise.

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Anonymity Guaranteed

A first of its kind, NinjaDojo implemented a solution which has made the CSWA reporting website completely anonymous. Using the TOR network and offshore gateway servers, NinjaDojo has created a solution that protects the privacy of people that report crimes through the CSWA reporting tool.

Read more about the Tor Network and its application for CRIME STOPPERS WA

Help Our Communities

Security is extremely important; to keep our communities safe we need to help each other. If you see anything suspicious that could harm others in our community, make a report and know that your identity is protected by CRIME STOPPERS WA and NinjaDojo Software.

Want to make a report? Learn how to here on CRIME STOPPERS WA website