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Airscope is NinjaDojo's most exciting Partnership. Together, a ground-breaking business information and digital-3D asset management solution has been produced.

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A Solution that Dominates

The Visualize platform is entirely designed and built from the ground up by the team at NinjaDojo.

Airscope captures hundreds of thousands of high resolution photos of a location then combined with laser scans. This immense amount of data is processed using proprietary processing engines developed at NinjaDojo.

The result is a digital twin of the location, accessible by streaming the data over the internet.

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Accuracy with Ease

The value provided by Visualize is enabling employees to view their site assets from the comfort of their desk. Everything is geo-referenced to 2.5mm accuracy, and users can treat the 3d model as a canvas to add additional information.

Nothing else on the market provides what Visualize does. With active production versions already in use in some of Australia’s largest oil and gas companies, Visualize is on the fast track to dominating the business intelligence and digital twin space.

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