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Software Project Life Cycle

The Usual Experience vs The NinjaDojo Experience

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The Usual Experience

  1. Be sold colossal list of unnecessary features
  2. Add lots of money
  3. Repeat

It doesn't have to be this way

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But what's going on in the box?

A common strategy in this industry is to keep you in the dark about your own project. Even as you pour more money in.

NinjaDojo will never keep you in the dark

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You deserve better than the usual experience.

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We can show you what's going on in the box

Ask us about our project auditing service

We can help you get on top of your software projects with development agencies.

We offer an auditing and advice service which will help you understand the language your developer uses to confuse you and assist you with regaining control of your failing software projects.

75% of software projects fail. We won't let you become part of that negative statistic.

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Transparent Development

NinjaDojo gives you full transparency into your project

When you work with us, you'll always have full coverage over your project. We will never keep you in the dark.

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Follow the Roadmap Together

Product Launch!

Get your product out there

NinjaDojo will work with you from product conception to product launch and beyond. You'll have full visibility into your product's systems, maintenance and support mechanisms.